Skeeter Davis Articles

Country Song Roundup - February 1963
Lookin' In on Skeeter and Ralph

Country Music Stars - Fall 1964
Skeeter Davis: The Fight to Save Her Marriage

Country Music Life - January 1966
The Incomparable Skeeter Davis

Country Song Roundup - December 1966
The New Skeeter Davis

Country Song Roundup - July 1968
Skeeter Davis - A Conversation

Country Song Roundup - August 1971
Skeeter Davis: Skeeter's Scoot to Stardom

LOOK Magazine - 1971
Skeeter Davis: "I'm so straight, it's ridiculous"

COUNTRY MUSIC Magazine - 1973
Skeeter Davis- A Barefoot Poetess from Dry Ridge

COUNTRY MUSIC Magazine - January 1975
The Gospel... According To Skeeter Davis

An Interview with Skeeter Davis

The Religious Experiences of Country Music Stars
by David Graham, © 1977

Country Song Roundup - September 1977
Skeeter Davis: The Singer... The Farmer...

Goldmine Interview - 1986

Vegetarian Times - June 1991
Gonna Get Along Without Meat Now

The Journal, December 1993
The Davis Sisters- The Lasting Legacy of a Short-Lived Duo

Country Weekly, December 16, 1997
Skeeter Davis gets the best Christmas gift of all

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