Skeeter Davis Albums

Skeeter Davis Albums
1966 - 1970

Singin' in the Summer Sun Singin' in the Summer Sun
	released 1966   Arranged by Ray Stevens  Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Dixie Cup of Sand [John D Loudermilk]
		Under the Boardwalk [Resnick- Young]
		That Warm Summer Night [Jerry Fuller- Bill Silva]
		Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard [George Goehring- Sylvia Dee]
		(Theme From) A Summer Place [Mack Discant- Max Steiner]
		Summer Sunshine [R Long- J Hendricks]
		Summertime [George Gershwin- D Heyward]
		Remember (Walkin' in the Sand) [George Morton]
		A Summer Song [Metcalfe- Noble- Stuart]
		Sunglasses [John D Loudermilk]
		That Summer Sunset [Sandra Rhodes]
                Singin' in the Summer Sun [Cindy Walker]

My Heart's In the Country (1966) click here to read Skeeter's liner notes. My Heart's In the Country
	released 1966   Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	My Heart's in the Country [Larry Kingston - Felton Jarvis]
		Put It Off Until Tomorrow [Dolly Parton - Bill Owens]
		Ain't Had No Lovin' [Dallas Frazier]
		Think of Me [Don Rich - Estrella Olson]
		I'm Living in Two Worlds [J. Crutchfield]
		Goin' Down the Road (Feelin' Bad) [Arr: Skeeter Davis]
		Foggy Mountain Top [A. P. Carter]
		You Ain't Woman Enough [Loretta Lynn]
		Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart [Liz Anderson]
		If I Ever Get to Heaven (I Won't See You) [Ronny Light]
		Before I'm Over You [Betty Sue Perry]
                Evil On Your Mind [Harlan Howard]

Hand in Hand with Jesus Hand in Hand with Jesus
	released 1967	Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Hand in Hand with Jesus [Rev Johnson Oatman Jr- L D Huffstutler]
		It's Different Now [David Beatty]
		Do You Know My Jesus? [Vep Ellis- W F Lakey]
		No Tears in Heaven [Robert S Arnold]
		Who Am I? [Rusty Goodman]
		O Come, Angel Band [Jefferson Hascall- W B Bradbury]
		Precious Memories [J B F Wright]
		I'll Meet You in the Morning [Albert E Brumley]
		Child of the King [Cindy Walker]
		Whispering Hope [Alice Hawthorne]
		How Beautiful Heaven Must Be [Mrs A S Bridgewater- A P Bland]
                I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone [Thomas Ramsey- Chas E Durham]

What Does It Take What Does It Take
	released 1967   Produced by Chet Atkins and Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	I.O.U. (A Broken Heart) [Selznick- Fischoff]
		I'm Looking (For A World) [Loudermilk]
		I Can't See Me Without You [Rhodes]
		Sad Sad World [Rhodes]
		He Doesn't Love Me Anymore [Penick]
		Fuel to the Flame [Parton- Owens]
		Something Comes Over Me [Rhodes]
		It's a Crazy World [Dees]
		Set Him Free (new recording) [Moyers- Davis- Wilson]
		What I Go Thru (To Keep Holding On to You) [Rhodes]
		You Taught Me Everything That I Know [Davis]
                What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied) [Glaser]

Skeeter Davis Sings Buddy Holly (1967 Skeeter Davis Sings Buddy Holly
	released 1967   Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Early in the Morning [B Darin - W Harris]
		Maybe Baby [Buddy Holly - Norman Petty]
		Well... All Right [Buddy Holly - Jerry Allison]
		That'll Be the Day [Allison - Petty - Holly]
		True Love Ways [Petty - Holly]
		It's So Easy [Holly - Petty]
		It Doesn't Matter Anymore [Paul Anka]
		I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love [Holly - Petty]
		Heartbeat [Bob Montgomery - Norman Petty]
		Oh, Boy! [Sonny West - Bill Tilghman - Norman Petty]
		Think It Over [Petty - Holly - Allison]
                Raining In My Heart [Boudleaux & Felice Bryant]

Why So Lonely Why So Lonely
	released 1968   Arranged by Bill Walker  Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Why So Lonely? [Tannen]
		Burning A Hole in My Mind [Coben]
		Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long [Montgomery]
		Promises, Promises [Smith- Hughey- Anderson]
		The Most Wanted Man [Stephens- Zachery]
		Somewhere With Me Sometime [Craft]
		I Don't Wanna Play House [Sherill- Sutton]
		You've Still Got A Place in My Heart [Payne]
		Little Things Got Big [Davis]
		I Wouldn't Treat My Dog (Like You Treat Me) [Coben]
		Lonely Again [Chapel]
                You Mean the World to Me [Sherill- Sutton]

I Love Flatt & Scruggs I Love Flatt & Scruggs
	released 1968	Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Head Over Heels in Love with You [Flatt]
		Down the Road [Flatt- Scruggs]
		I'll Never Love Another [Flatt]
		I Still Miss Someone [Cash- Cash]
		Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy [Carter]
		God Loves His Children [Flatt]
		The California Uptight Band [Hall]
		I Won't Be Hanging Around [Wilkin- Walker- Certain- Stacey]
		Before I Met You [Seitz- Lewis- Denny]
		On My Mind [Organ- James]
		Cabin on the Hill [Shook]
                Father's Table Grace [Jones- Homer]
"I Love Flatt and Scruggs" is possibly Skeeter Davis' best album up to that point in her career. She glides effortlessly through these mostly up-beat bluegrass-tinged country tunes, each one a perfect match for her voice. Standout cuts are Head Over Heels, Down the Road, God Loves His Children, and I Won't Be Hanging Around. But even songs like The California Uptight Band and Father's Table Grace, which were too corny for words when done by Flatt and Scruggs, are just fine with Skeeter on board.

The Closest Thing to Love The Closest Thing to Love
	released 1969  Produced by Felton Jarvis
      	songs:	Keep Baltimore Beautiful [Ronny Light]
		Country Girl [Red Lane- Dottie West]
		Little Arrows [M Hazelwood- A Hammond]
		They Don't Make Love Like They Used To [Red Lane]
		Broomstick Cowboy [Jean Wells]
		Baby Sweet Baby [Skeeter Davis]
		Hold Me Tight [Johnny Nash]
		Angel of the Morning [Chip Taylor]
		I Say A Little Prayer [Burt Bacharach- Hal David]
		Born to Love You [Cindy Walker]
		Love, Love, Love [Skeeter Davis]
                The Closest Thing to Love [Ronny Light]

maryfrances maryfrances
	released 1969  Arranged and Produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	Daddy Sang Bass [Carl Perkins]
		The Windmills of Your Mind [M & A Bergman- LeGrand]
		Son-of-a Preacher Man [Ronnie Wilkins- John Hurley]
		Someday Soon [Ian Tyson]
		Only the Strong Survive [Gamble- Huff- Butler]
		Singing My Song [Sherill- Wynette- Sutton]
		The End of the World (new version) [Arthur Kent- Sylvia Dee]
		I Didn't Cry Today [Skeeter Davis]
		Teach Me to Love You [L Miller- B Miller]
		Both Sides Now [Joni Mitchell]
		Prescription for the Blues [Theodore Saunders- Eurreal Montgomery]
                The Chokin' Kind [Harlan Howard]

A Place in the County A Place in the Country
	released 1970   Produced by Ronny Light and Chet Atkins
      	songs:	A Place in the Country [Cindy Walker]
		Givin' Out of Givin' In [Ben Peters]
		Lonely Bridge [Skeeter Davis]
		I'm a Lover (Not a Fighter) [Ronny Light]
		The Arms of Your Love [Ray Griff]
		What a Little Girl Don't Know [Skeeter Davis- Carolyn Penick]
		Let's Get Together (w/ George Hamilton IV) [Chet Powers]
		I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [Hank Williams]
		I Can Stand It (As Long As You Can) [M Torok- R Redd]
		But You Know I Love You [Mike Settle]
		(Today) I Started Loving You Again [Merle Haggard- Bonnie Owens]
                A Place in the Country (reprise) [Cindy Walker]

Bobby Bare and Skeeter Davis- Your Husband, My Wife Your Husband, My Wife
	released 1970
      	songs:	Your Husband, My Wife [Toni Wise- Irwin Levine]
		Before the Sunrise [Jerry McBee]
		I Got You [Gordon Galbraith- Ricci Mareno]
		(I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again [A L "Doodle" Owens- Dallas Frazier]
		Dream Baby [Cindy Walker]
		My Elusive Dreams [Curly Putnam- Billy Sherill]
		Let's Make Love Not War [Skeeter Davis]
		A Truer Love You'll Never Find [Red Lane]
		Jackson [Billy Edd Wheeler- Gaby Rodgers]
		There Never Was A Time [Myra Smith- Margaret Lewis]

It's Hard To Be A Woman (1970) It's Hard To Be A Woman
	released 1970   Produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	It's Hard To Be A Woman [West - Christopher - Mainegra]
		Someone Up There Still Loves Me [Roy Baham - Gene Norell]
		Down From Dover [Dolly Parton]
		I'm Only A Woman [Ben Peters]
		When You Gonna Bring Our Soldiers Home [Skeeter Davis]
		Bridge Over Troubled Water [Paul Simon - Arthur Garfunkel]
		I'm Your Woman [Jean Chapel]
		How in the World Do You Kill a Memory [Skeeter Davis]
		A Girl Who'll Satisfy Her Man [Jerry Crutchfield]
		We Need a Lot More of Jesus [Wayne Raney]

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