Skeeter Davis Albums

Skeeter Davis Albums
1971 - 1986

Skeeter Skeeter
	released 1971	Produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	Bus Fare to Kentucky [Ronny Light]
		I Look Up (And See You On My Mind) (produced by Felton Jarvis)[Skeeter Davis]
		Instinct for Survival (produced by Felton Jarvis) [James W Glaser]
		Sad Situation [Clyde Pitts]
		Help Me Make It Through the Night [Kris Kristofferson]
		There's A Fool Born Every Minute (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Pames- Evans]
		A Stranger In My Place [Kenny Rogers- Ken Vassy]
		Fall in With the Band [Bodie Chandler]
		Rachel [Skeeter Davis]
		I Still Belong to You [Jerry Foster- Bill Rice]

Love Takes A Lot of my Time Love Takes A Lot of My Time
	released 1971
      	songs:	Love Takes A Lot of My Time [Ronny Light]
		I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye [Don Robertson]
		Fire and Rain [James Taylor]
		Mama Your Big Girl's 'Bout To Cry [Skeeter Davis]
		You've Got A Friend [Carole King]
		Hello Darlin' [Conway Twitty]
		If You Could Read My Mind [Gordon Lightfoot]
		He Wakes Me With a Kiss Every Morning [Doodle Owens- Dallas Frazier]
		You Call This Love (I Call It Hate) [Skeeter Davis]
		Amazing Grace [Arr: Skeeter Davis]

Skeeter Sings Dolly Skeeter Sings Dolly
	released 1972	Produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	Joshua [Dolly Parton]
		Put It Off Until Tomorrow (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Dolly Parton- Bill Owens]
		Gypsy, Joe and Me [Dolly Parton]
		Fuel to the Flame (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Dolly Parton- Bill Owens]
		Just the Way I Am [Dolly Parton]
		Touch Your Woman [Dolly Parton]
		Down from Dover [Dolly Parton]
		In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) [Dolly Parton]
		Tomorrow is Forever [Dolly Parton]
		Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man [Dolly Parton- Dorothy Jo Hope]

Bring It On Home Bring It On Home
	released 1972   produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	One Tin Soldier [Dennis Lambert- Brian Potter]
		Bring It On Home [Ronny Light- Ben Peters]
		Never Ending Song of Love [Delaney Bramlett]
		He Loved Me Too Little [Ronny Light]
		Take Me Home, Country Roads [Denver- Nivert- Danoff]
		Loving Him Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) [Kris Kristofferson]
		All I Ever Wanted Was Love [Skeeter Davis]
		Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You [George Richey- Ben Peters]
		Reason to Believe [Tim Hardin]
		The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [Robbie Robertson]

Skeeter Davis- The Hillbilly Singer- click on album cover to read Skeeter's liner notes Skeeter Davis- The Hillbilly Singer
Click on the cover photo to reader Skeeter's liner notes.
	released 1973	Produced by Ronny Light

      	songs:	A Hillbilly Song [Skeeter Davis]
		Color of the Blues [George Jones- Lawton Williams]
		You Done Me Wrong [Ray Price- S Jones]
		Making Believe [Roscoe Reid- Joe Hobson]
		Try Jesus [Skeeter Davis]
		Crazy Arms [Ralph Mooney- Charles Seals]
		My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You [Ross- Wills]
		It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels [J D Miller]
		Half a Mind [Roger Miller]
		How Long Has It Been [Mosie Lister]

I Can't Believe That It's All Over I Can't Believe That It's All Over
	released 1973	Produced by Ronny Light
      	songs:	I Can't Believe That It's All Over [Ben Peters]
		Timothy (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Erasmus]
		I'll Be There [Bob West- Hal David- Berry Gordy Jr.]
		Stay Awhile With Me [Skeeter Davis- Linda Palmer]
		Bobby Blows a Blue Note (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Ronny Light]
		It Really Doesn't Matter At All [Helen Cornelius]
		You Made My Life A Song [Sonny Curtis]
		What Am I Gonna Do With You (produced by Chet Atkins) [Russ Titelman- Gerry Goffin]
		Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way (produced by Chet Atkins) [Gerry Goffin- Carole King]
		A Good Love Is Like A Good Song [Casey Kelly]
reviewed in Country Music Magazine, December 1973 issue:

Skeeter Davis
I Can't Believe That It's All Over
RCA APL 1-0322 (record)
APS 1-0322 (8-track tape)

One of the primary strengths of the country field has been its adaptability to the ever­changing situation created by electronic technology. Interestingly, one of the country's top acts to whom this adaptability has been strategic is a girl from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, who says pallets are still made on the floor when the family gets together.

Multiple voice tracking has played a big part in Skeeter's music since Betty Jack's death shortly after their fifties hit on "I Forgot More" as the Davis Sisters, and this album illustrates that what works once can indeed work for a long time. Her self-stacked harmonies are artfully contributed and provide an honesty to her music that has established her as an unmistakable standard artist.

Specifically, let's cover the outer edges and work toward the middle; my least favorite cut in the package is "Timothy," one of Felton Jarvis' two production offerings in the group. Top of the pile, in my estimate, is a draw between "Stay Awhile With Me" and "A Good Love is Like A Good Song." Both are tasteful handlings of good material. In the middle we find the other Jarvis production, "Bobby Blows a Blue Note" (a haunting little melody), two songs produced by Chet Atkins ("What Am I Gonna Do With You" and "Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way") and the other four Ronnie Light projects, "I'll Be There," "It Really Doesn't Matter At All," "You Make My Life A Song," and the title tune.

For those who feel all artistic efforts should make some sort of point, this album proves Skeeter's stability as a consistently creative country singer. Under three different producers (on sessions presumably done over a considerable expanse of time) she fits comfortably into the material and accompaniment at hand- even on the teeny-bopperish "Timothy."

The average fan might be surprised to browse through Billboard charts for the past decade or more and find how frequently Skeeter D. has been in there pitcbin', but a careful listen to this album will explain why she's here to stay.       BILL LITTLETON

Best of Skeeter Davis, Vol II Best of Skeeter Davis, Vol. II
	released 1973	Produced by Ronny Light, Felton Jarvis, Chet Atkins
      	songs:	What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied) [Glaser]
                Set Him Free [Moyers- Davis- Wilson]
                One Tin Soldier [Dennis Lambert- Brian Potter]
                Fuel to the Flame [Parton- Owens]
                Love Takes A Lot of My Time [Ronny Light]
                I'm a Lover (Not a Fighter) [Ronny Light]
                Bridge Over Troubled Water [Paul Simon - Arthur Garfunkel]
                Sunglasses [John D Loudermilk]
                Let Me Get Close To You [Carole King- Gerry Goffin]
                Bus Fare to Kentucky [Ronny Light]
		There's A Fool Born Every Minute (produced by Felton Jarvis) [Pames- Evans]

Click here for Skeeter Davis' comments on each of the songs on BEST OF SKEETER DAVIS VOL. II

Heart Strings (1983) Heart Strings
	released 1983   Produced by Paul Whitehead
      	songs:	Rock A Bye Boogie []
		Gonna Find Me A Bluebird [Marvin Rainwater]
		I'm A Country Girl, But []
		Somebody to Love []
		Love Me Tender []
		That's Alright []
		Love Me So Good []
		How Could I Make You Love Me []
		Ain't Nobody []

Skeeter Davis & NRBQ- She Sings, They Play (1986) Skeeter Davis & NRBQ - She Sings, They Play
	released 1986   Produced by Terry Adams & Joey Spampinato
      	songs:	Things To You [Terry Adams]
		Everybody Wants A Cowboy [Skeeter Davis]
		I Can't Stop Loving You Now [Joey Spampinato]
		Heart to Heart [L. Pinkerton]
		Ain't Nice To Talk Like That [B Carlisle - T Franks]
		Everybody's Clown [Skeeter Davis]
		Someday My Prince Will Come [F E Churchill - L Morey]
		How Many Tears [Terry Adams]
		You Don't Know What You Got Til You Lose It [S Ferguson]
		Roses on My Shoulder [Skeeter Davis - Joey Spampinato]
		Temporarily Out of Order [R Medlock - S Davis]
		May You Never Be Alone [Hank Williams]

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