Linda Ronstadt Album and CD Releases

1969 - 2006

excluding compilations

Hand Sown... Home Grown
	released March 1969	Produced by Chip Douglas
      	songs:	Baby You've Been on My Mind [Bob Dylan]
		Silver Threads and Golden Needles [J Rhodes- D Reynolds]
		Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad [Randy Newman]
		A Number and a Name [S Gillette - T Campbell]
		The Only Mama That'll Walk the Line [Ivy J Bryant- Earl Ball]
		The Long Way Around [Ken Edwards]
		Break My Mind [John D Loudermilk]
		I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [Bob Dylan]
		It's About Time [Chip Douglas]
		We Need A Whole Lot More of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock & Roll) [Wayne Raney]
		The Dolphins [Fred Neil]

Silk Purse
	released March 1970	Produced by Elliot F Mazer
	songs:	Lovesick Blues [Irving Mills- C Friend]
		Are My Thoughts With You? [Mickey Newbury]
		Will You Love Me Tomorrow? [Gerry Goffin- Carole King]
		Nobody's [Gary White]
		Louise [Paul Siebel]
		Long Long Time [Gary White]
		Mental Revenge [Mel Tillis]
		I'm Leavin' It All Up to You [D Terry Jr- D Harris]
		He Dark the Sun [Bernie Leadon- G Clark]
		Life is Like a Mountain Railway [Trad arr E Mazer- L Ronstadt]

Linda Ronstadt
	released January 1972	Produced by John Boylan
	songs:	Rock Me on the Water [Jackson Browne]
		Crazy Arms [R Mooney- C Seals]
		I Won't Be Hangin' Round [Eric Kaz]
		I Still Miss Someone [Johnny Cash]
		In My Reply [Livingston Taylor]
		I Fall to Pieces [Hank Cochran- Harlan Howard]
		Ramblin' 'Round [Woody Guthrie- Huddie Ledbetter- J Lomax]
		Birds [Neil Young]
		I Ain't Always Been Faithful [Eric Andersen]
		Rescue Me [C Smith- R Miner]

Don't Cry Now
	released September 1973	Producers: John David Souther, John Boylan, Peter Asher
	songs:	I Can Almost See It [J D Souther]
		Love Has No Pride [Eric Kaz- Libby Titus]
		Silver Threads and Golden Needles [J Rhodes- D Reynolds]
		Desperado [Don Henley- Glenn Frey]
		Don't Cry Now [J D Souther]
		Sail Away [Randy Newman]
		Colorado [Rick Roberts]
		The Fast One [J D Souther]
		Everybody Loves a Winner [Bill Williams- Booker T Jones]
		I Believe in You [Neil Young]

Heart Like a Wheel
	released November 1974	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	You're No Good [Clint Ballard Jr- ]
		It Doesn't Matter Anymore [Paul Anka]
		Faithless Love [J D Souther]
		Dark End of the Street [Dan Pennington- Wayne Moman]
		Heart Like a Wheel [Anna McGarrigle]
		When Will I Be Loved [Phil Everly]
		Willin' [Lowell George]
		I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) [Hank Williams]
		Keep Me From Blowing Away [Paul Craft]
		You Can Close Your Eyes [James Taylor]

Prisoner in Disguise
	released September 1975	Produced by Peter Asher
      	songs:	Love Is A Rose [Neil Young]
		Hey Mister That's Me Up On the Jukebox [James Taylor]
		Roll Um Easy [Lowell George]
		Tracks of My Tears [William Robinson- Mary Tarplin- Warren Moore]
		Prisoner in Disguise [John David Souther]
		Heat Wave [Holland- Dozier- Holland]
		Many Rivers to Cross [Jimmy Cliff]
		The Sweetest Gift (with Emmylou Harris) [J B Coats]
		You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down [Anna McGarrigle- C S Holland]
		I Will Always Love You [Dolly Parton]
		Silver Blue [John David Souther]

Hasten Down the Wind
	released August 1976	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Lose Again [Karla Bonoff]
		The Tattler [Ry Cooder- Russ Titelman- Washington Phillips]
		If He's Ever Near [Karla Bonoff]
		That'll Be the Day [J Allison- Buddy Holly- Norman Petty]
		Lo Siento Mi Vida [Linda Ronstadt- Kenny Edwards- Gilbert Ronstadt]
		Hasten Down the Wind [Warren Zevon]
		Rivers of Babylon [B Dowe- S McNaughton]
		Give One Heart [John & Johanna Hall]
		Try Me Again [Linda Ronstadt- Andrew Gold]
		Crazy [Willie Nelson]
		Down So Low [Tracy Nelson]
		Someone To Lay Down Beside Me [Karla Bonoff]

Simple Dreams
	released August 1977	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	It's So Easy [Buddy Holly- Norman Petty]
		Carmelita [Warren Zevon]
		Simple Man, Simple Dream [J D Souther]
		Sorrow Lives Here [Eric Kaz]
		I Never Will Marry [Traditional arranged by Linda Ronstadt]
		Blue Bayou [Roy Orbison- Joe Melson]
		Poor Poor Pitiful Me [Warren Zevon]
		Maybe I'm Right [Robert Wachtel]
		Tumbling Dice [Mick Jagger- Keith Richard]
		Old Paint [Traditional arranged by Linda Ronstadt]	

Living in the USA
	released September 1978	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Back in the USA [Chuck Berry]
		When I Grow Too Old to Dream [Oscar Hammerstein II- Sigmund Romberg]
		Just One Look [G Carroll- D Payne]
		Alison [Elvis Costello]
		White Rhythm and Blues [J D Souther]
		All That You Dream [Paul Barrere- Bill Payne]
		Ooh Baby Baby [William Robinson- Warren Moore]
		Mohammed's Radio [Warren Zevon]
		Blowing Away [Eric Kaz]
		Love Me Tender [E Presley- Vera Matson]	

Mad Love
	released February 1980	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Mad Love [Mark Goldenberg]
		Party Girl [Elvis Costello]
		How Do I Make You [Billy Steinberg]
		I Can't Let Go [Chip Taylor- Al Gorgon]
		Hurt So Bad [Teddy Randazzo- Bobby Wilding- Bobby Hart]
		Look Out For My Love [Neil Young]
		Cost of Love [Mark Goldenberg]
		Justine [Mark Goldenberg]
		Girls Talk [Elvis Costello]
		Talking in the Dark [Elvis Costello]

Get Closer
	released September 1982	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Get Closer [Jonathan Carroll]
		The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress [Jimmy Webb]
		I Knew You When [Joe South]
		Easy For You to Say [Jimmy Webb]
		People Gonna Talk [William Wheeler- Lee Dorsey- Morris Levy- Clarence L Lewis]
		Talk to Me of Mendocino [Kate McGarrigle]
		I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (with James Taylor) [Rose Marie McCoy- Sylvia McKinney]
		Mr. Radio [Roderick Taylor]
		Lies [Buddy Randell- Beau Charles]
		Tell Him [Bert Russell]
		Sometimes You Just Can't Win (w/ John David Souther) [Smokey Stover]
		My Blue Tears (w/ Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris) [Dolly Parton]	

What's New
	released September 1983	Produced by Peter Asher
      	songs:	What's New? [Johnny Burke- Bob Haggart]
		I've Got A Crush on You [George Gershwin- Ira Gershwin]
		Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry [Sammy Cahn- Jules Styne]
		Crazy He Calls Me [Carl Sigman- Sidney Keith Russell]
		Someone to Watch Over Me [George Gershwin- Ira Gershwin]
		I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You [Bing Crosby- Ned Washington- Victor Young]
		What'll I Do? [Irving Berlin]
		Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?) [Jimmy Davis- Jimmy Sherman- Roger "Ram" Ramirez]
		Good-bye [Gordon Jenkins]

Lush Life
	released November 19, 1984	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	When I Fall In Love [Edward Heyman- Victor Young]
		Skylark [Hoagy Carmichael]
		It Never Entered My Mind [Lorenz Hart- Richard Rodgers]
		Mean to Me [Fred Ahlert- Roy Turk]
		When Your Lover Has Gone [Eina Swan]
		I'm A Fool to Want You [J Hennon- F Sinatra- J Wolf]
		You Took Advantage of Me [Lorenz Hart- Richard Rodgers]
		Sophisticated Lady [D Ellington- I Mills- M Parrish]
		Can't We Be Friends [P James- K Swift]
		My Old Flame [Sam Coslow- Arthur Johnston]
		Falling in Love Again [Frederick Hollander- Sammy Lerner]
		Lush Life [Billy Strayhorn]

For Sentimental Reasons
	released September 19, 1986	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	When You Wish Upon A Star [Ned Washington- Leigh Harline]
		Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered [Lorenz Hart- Richard Rodgers]
		You Go To My Head [Haven Gillespie- Joe Fred Coots]
		But Not For Me [Ira Gershwin- George Gershwin]
		My Funny Valentine [Lorenz Hart- Richard Rodgers]
		I Get Along Without You Very Well [Hoagy Carmichael]
		Am I Blue [Grant Clarke- Harry Akst]
		I Love You For Sentimental Reasons [Deek Watson- William Best]
		Straighten Up and Fly Right [Nat King Cole- Irving Mills]
		Little Girl Blue [Lorenz Hart- Richard Rodgers]	
		'Round Midnight [Bernie Hanighen- Cootie Williams- Thelonious Monk]	

	released March 2, 1987	Produced by George Massenburg
	songs:	The Pain of Loving You [Dolly Parton- Porter Wagoner]
		Making Plans [Johnny Russell- Voni Morrison]
		To Know Him Is To Love Him [Phil Spector]
		Hobo's Meditation [Jimmie Rodgers]
		Wildflowers [Dolly Parton]
		Telling Me Lies [Linda Thompson- Betty Cook]
		My Dear Companion [Jean Ritchie]
		Those Memories of You [Alan O'Bryant]
		I've Had Enough [Kate McGarrigle]
		Rosewood Casket [Traditional]	
		Farther Along [Traditional]	

Canciones de mi Padre
	released December 1987	Produced by Peter Asher & Rubén Fuentes
	songs:  Por Un Amor [Gilberto Parra]
		Los Laureles [José López]
		Hay Unos Ojos [Rubén Fuentes]
		La Cigarra [Ray Pérez Y Soto]
		Tú Sólo Tú [Felipe Valdez Leal]
		Y Andale [Minerva Elizondo]
		Rogaciano El Huapanguero [Valeriano Trejo]
		La Charreada [Felipe Bermejo]
		Dos Arbolitos [Chucho Martinez Gil]
		Corrido De Cananea [Rubén Fuentes]
		La Barca De Guaymas [Rubén Fuentes]
		La Calandria [Nicandro Castillo]
		El Sol Que Tú Eres [Daniel Valdez]

Cry Like A Rainstorm- Howl Like the Wind
	released September 1989	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Still Within the Sound of My Voice [Jimmy Webb]
		Cry Like a Rainstorm [Eric Kaz]
		All My Life (w/ Aaron Neville) [Karla Bonoff]
		I Need You (w/ Aaron Neville) [Paul Carrack- Nick Lowe- Martin Belmont]
		Don't Know Much (w/ Aaron Neville) [Barry Mann- Cynthia Weil- Tom Snow]
		Adios [Jimmy Webb]
		Trouble Again [Karla Bonoff]
		I Keep It Hid [Jimmy Webb]
		So Right, So Wrong [Paul Carrack- Nick Lowe- Martin Belmont]
		Shattered [Jimmy Webb]
		When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (w/ Aaron Neville) [Isaac Hayes- David Porter]
		Goodbye My Friend [Karla Bonoff]

Mas Canciones (click for more info)
	released October 1991	Produced by George Massenburg and Rubén Fuentes
  	songs:	Tata Dios [Valeriano Trejo]
		El Toro Relajo [Felipe Bermejo]
		Mi Ranchito [Felipe Valdez Leal]
		La Mariquita [Rubén Fuentes]
		Gritenme Piedras Del Campo [Cuco Sanchez]
		Siempre Hace Frio [Cuco Snachez]
		El Crucifijo De Piedra [Antonio y Roberto Cantoral]
		Palomita De Ojos Negros [Tomas Mendez]
		Pena De Los Amores [Jose Luis Almada]
		El Camino [Jesus Navarro]
		El Gustito [Jose Lopez]
		El Sueno [Nicandro Castillo]

	released November August 1992	Produced by Peter Asher and George Massenburg
	songs:	Frenesí [Alberto Dominguez]
		Mentira Salome [Ignacio Pinero]
		Alma Adentro [Sylvia Rexach]
		Entre Abismos [Victor Manuel Matos]
		Cuando Me Querías Tú [Emilio Catarell Vela]
		Piel Canela [Bobby Capo]
		Verdad Amarga [Consuelo Velazquez]
		Despojos [Francisco Arrieta]
		En Mi Soledad [Miguel Pous]
		Piensa En Mí [Agustin Lara]
		Quiéreme Mucho [Gonzalo Roig- Agustin Rodriguez]
		Perfidia [Alberto Dominguez]
		Te Quiero Dijiste [Maria Grever]

Winter Light
	released November 1993	Produced by George Massenburg and Linda Ronstadt
	songs:	Heartbeats Accelerating [Anna McGarrigle]
		Do What You Gotta Do [Jimmy Webb]
		Anyone Who Had A Heart [Burt Bacharach- Hal David]
		Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) [B Wilson- A Asher]
		Oh No Not My Baby [Gerry Goffin- Carole King]
		It's Too Soon to Know [Deborah Chessler]
		I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself [Burt Bacharach- Hal David]
		A River For Him [Emmylou Harris]
		Adónde Voy [Tish Hinojosa]
		You Can't Treat the Wrong Man Right [Jimmy Webb]	
		Winter Light [Zbigniew Preisner- Eric Kaz- Linda Ronstadt]	

Feels Like Home
	released April 1995	Produced by George Massenburg and Linda Ronstadt
	songs:	The Waiting [Tom Petty]
		Walk On [Matraca Berg- Ronnie Samoset]
		High Sierra [Harley L Allen]
		After the Gold Rush [Neil Young]
		The Blue Train [Jennifer Kimball- Tom Kimmel] 
		Feels Like Home [Randy Newman]
		Teardrops Will Fall [E V Deane]
		Morning Blues [Traditional arranged by Auldridge- Gaudreau- Coleman- Klein]
		Women 'Cross the River [David Olney]	
		Lover's Return [A P Carter] 

Dedicated to the One I Love
	released June 1996	Produced by George Massenburg and Linda Ronstadt
	songs:	Dedicated to the One I Love [Lowman Pauling- Ralph Bass]
		Be My Baby [Phil Spector- Jeff Barry- Ellie Greenwich]
		In My Room [Brian Wilson- Gary Usher]
		Devoted to You [Boudleaux Bryant]
		Baby I Love You [Phil Spector- Jeff Barry- Ellie Greenwich]
		Devoted to You (instrumental) [Boudleaux Bryant]
		Angel Baby [Rosalie Hamlin]
		We Will Rock You [Brian May]
		Winter Light [Zbigniew Preisner- Eric Kaz- Linda Ronstadt]	
		Brahms' Lullaby [Johannes Brahms]	
		Good Night [John Lennon- Paul McCartney]

We Ran
	released June 1998	Produced by Glyn Johns
				also: George Massenburg, Peter Asher,
				Linda Ronstadt, Waddy Wachtel
	songs:	When We Ran [John Hiatt]
        	If I Should Fall Behind [Bruce Springsteen]
	        Give Me A Reason [M. Hall]
	        Ruler of My Heart [Naomi Neville]
	        Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Bob Dylan]
	        Cry Till My Tears Run Dry [Doc Pomus]
	        I Go to Pieces [Waddy Wachtel, Troy Newman]
        	Heartbreak Kind [Marty Stuart, Paul Kennerley]
	        Damage [Waddy Wachtel]
	        Icy Blue Heart [John Hiatt]
	        Dreams of the San Joaquin [Jack Wesley Routh, Randy Sharp]

Trio II
	released February 9, 1999	Produced by George Massenburg
	songs:	Lover's Return [A P Carter] 
		High Sierra [Harley L Allen]
		Do I Ever Cross Your Mind [Dolly Parton]
		After the Gold Rush [Neil Young] 
		The Blue Train [Jennifer Kimball- Tom Kimmel] 
		I Feel the Blues Movin In [Del McCoury]
		You'll Never Be the Sun [Donagh Long] 
		He Rode All the Way to Texas [John Starling]
		Feels Like Home [Randy Newman]
		When We're Gone, Long Gone [Kieran Kane, Paul O'Hara] 

Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions
	released August 24, 1999	Produced by Glyn Johns
	songs:	Loving the Highway Man [Andy Prieboy]
                Raise the Dead [Emmylou Harris]
                For A Dancer [Jackson Browne]
                Western Wall [Rosanne Cash]
                1917 [David Olney]
                He Was Mine [Paul Kennerley]
                Sweet Spot [(Emmylou Harris, Jill Cunniff]
                Sisters of Mercy [Leonard Cohen]
                Falling Down [Patty Griffin]
                Valerie [Patti Scialfa]
                This is to Mother You [Sinead O'connor]
                All I Left Behind [Emmylou Harris, Kate & Anna McGarrigle]
                Across the Border [Bruce Springsteen]		

A Merry Little Christmas
	released October 10, 2000	Produced by John Boylan and George Massenburg
	songs:	The Christmas Song [Mel Torme, Robert Wells]
		I'll Be Home For Christmas [Walter Kent, Kim Gannon]
		White Christmas [Irving Berlin]
		Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane]
		River [Joni Mitchell]
		O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [traditional]
		Xicochi, Xicochi [Gaspar Fernandez]
		I Wonder As I Wander [John Jacob Niles]
		Away In A Manger [traditional]
		Lo, How A Rose E're Blooming [traditional]
		Welsh Carol [traditional]
		Past Three O'clock [traditional]
		O Magnum Mysterium [Tomas Luis de Victoria]
		Silent Night [Franz Xaver Gruber]

Hummin' to Myself
	released November 2004	Produced by John Boylan and George Massenburg
	songs:	Tell Him I Said Hello [Jack J. Canning, Bill Hegner]
		Never Will I Marry [Frank Loesser]
		Cry Me a River [Arthur Hamilton]
		Hummin' to Myself [Sammy Fain, Herbert Magidson, Monty Siegel
		Miss Otis Regrets [Cole Porter]
		I Fall in Love Too Easily [Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne]
		Blue Prelude [Joe Bishop, Gordon Jenkins]
		Day Dream [Duke Ellington, John Latouche, Billy Strayhorn]
		I've Never Been in Love Before [Frank Loesser]
		Get Out of Town [Cole Porter]
		I'll Be Seeing You [Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal]

Adieu False Heart
	released July 25, 2006  	Produced by Steve Buckingham
	songs:	Opening
		Adieu False Heart [Arthur Smith]
		I Can't Get Over You [Julie Miller]
		Marie Mouri [David Greely]
		King of Bohemia [Richard Thompson]
		Plus Tu Tournes [Michel Hindenoch]
		Go Away From My Window [John Jacob Niles]
		Burns' Supper [Richard Thompson]
		The One I Love Is Gone [Bill Monroe]
		Rattle My Cage [Chas Justus]
		Parlez-Moi D'amour [Jean Lenoir]
		Too Old to Die Young [Scott Dooley, John Hadley, Kevin Welch]
		Walk Away Renée [Michael Brown, Bob Calili, Tony Sansone]

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