Linda Ronstadt Album and CD Releases

1975- 1982

Prisoner in Disguise
	released September 1975	Produced by Peter Asher
      	songs:	Love Is A Rose [Neil Young]
		Hey Mister That's Me Up On the Jukebox [James Taylor]
		Roll Um Easy [Lowell George]
		Tracks of My Tears [William Robinson- Mary Tarplin- Warren Moore]
		Prisoner in Disguise [John David Souther]
		Heat Wave [Holland- Dozier- Holland]
		Many Rivers to Cross [Jimmy Cliff]
		The Sweetest Gift (with Emmylou Harris) [J B Coats]
		You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down [Anna McGarrigle- C S Holland]
		I Will Always Love You [Dolly Parton]
		Silver Blue [John David Souther]

Hasten Down the Wind
	released August 1976	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Lose Again [Karla Bonoff]
		The Tattler [Ry Cooder- Russ Titelman- Washington Phillips]
		If He's Ever Near [Karla Bonoff]
		That'll Be the Day [J Allison- Buddy Holly- Norman Petty]
		Lo Siento Mi Vida [Linda Ronstadt- Kenny Edwards- Gilbert Ronstadt]
		Hasten Down the Wind [Warren Zevon]
		Rivers of Babylon [B Dowe- S McNaughton]
		Give One Heart [John & Johanna Hall]
		Try Me Again [Linda Ronstadt- Andrew Gold]
		Crazy [Willie Nelson]
		Down So Low [Tracy Nelson]
		Someone To Lay Down Beside Me [Karla Bonoff]

Simple Dreams
	released August 1977	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	It's So Easy [Buddy Holly- Norman Petty]
		Carmelita [Warren Zevon]
		Simple Man, Simple Dream [J D Souther]
		Sorrow Lives Here [Eric Kaz]
		I Never Will Marry [Traditional arranged by Linda Ronstadt]
		Blue Bayou [Roy Orbison- Joe Melson]
		Poor Poor Pitiful Me [Warren Zevon]
		Maybe I'm Right [Robert Wachtel]
		Tumbling Dice [Mick Jagger- Keith Richard]
		Old Paint [Traditional arranged by Linda Ronstadt]	

Living in the USA
	released September 1978	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Back in the USA [Chuck Berry]
		When I Grow Too Old to Dream [Oscar Hammerstein II- Sigmund Romberg]
		Just One Look [G Carroll- D Payne]
		Alison [Elvis Costello]
		White Rhythm and Blues [J D Souther]
		All That You Dream [Paul Barrere- Bill Payne]
		Ooh Baby Baby [William Robinson- Warren Moore]
		Mohammed's Radio [Warren Zevon]
		Blowing Away [Eric Kaz]
		Love Me Tender [E Presley- Vera Matson]	

Mad Love
	released February 1980	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Mad Love [Mark Goldenberg]
		Party Girl [Elvis Costello]
		How Do I Make You [Billy Steinberg]
		I Can't Let Go [Chip Taylor- Al Gorgon]
		Hurt So Bad [Teddy Randazzo- Bobby Wilding- Bobby Hart]
		Look Out For My Love [Neil Young]
		Cost of Love [Mark Goldenberg]
		Justine [Mark Goldenberg]
		Girls Talk [Elvis Costello]
		Talking in the Dark [Elvis Costello]

Get Closer
	released September 1982	Produced by Peter Asher
	songs:	Get Closer [Jonathan Carroll]
		The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress [Jimmy Webb]
		I Knew You When [Joe South]
		Easy For You to Say [Jimmy Webb]
		People Gonna Talk [William Wheeler- Lee Dorsey- Morris Levy- Clarence L Lewis]
		Talk to Me of Mendocino [Kate McGarrigle]
		I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (with James Taylor) [Rose Marie McCoy- Sylvia McKinney]
		Mr. Radio [Roderick Taylor]
		Lies [Buddy Randell- Beau Charles]
		Tell Him [Bert Russell]
		Sometimes You Just Can't Win (w/ John David Souther) [Smokey Stover]
		My Blue Tears (w/ Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris) [Dolly Parton]	

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